Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays from the whole Biophysical Engineering group. P.S.: This microfluidic droplet-based Christmas tree can produce energy by transforming light into ATP!

DNA origami

That's how we make origami with DNA: A long piece of single-stranded DNA is folded by short DNA 'staples'.

TEDx CambridgeUniversity

Watch Kerstin's talk here:

Six-helix bundle

A paper origami of our membrane-spanning DNA origami nanopore.

Filming in progress

We are shooting a short film on DNA origami. Hope you like it!
TEDx CambridgeUniversity

TEDx CambridgeUniversity

Kerstin presenting DNA nanopores at TEDx CambridgeUniversity.

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin carving in the lab.

Origami DNA

Design credit: Alex Bateman.