Kerstin Göpfrich
Kerstin GöpfrichMax Planck Research Group Leader (W2)
Biophysicist. Scientific trajectory started in Erlangen (B.Sc.), continued in Cambridge (M.Phil and Ph.D.) and Stuttgart (Marie Curie Fellow). Now leading the Biophysical Engineering Group in Heidelberg.
Kevin Jahnke
Kevin JahnkePhD student
Physicist. First Ph.D. student of the group. Moved from the far north (Hamburg) to study in Heidelberg (B.Sc. and M.Sc.). Joined us after a research stay in Cambridge.
Yannik Dreher
Yannik DreherPhD student
Physicist. Joined Uni Heidelberg (and us!) for M.Sc. and Ph.D. after a B.Sc. in Konstanz and a research stay Canada.
Tobias Abele
Tobias AbeleMaster student
Physicist. M.Sc. student in Heidelberg with research experience in biophyiscs. Animation wizzard.
Sarah Braun
Sarah BraunIntern
Molecular Biotechnologist. M.Sc. student in Heidelberg.
Elizaveta Bobkova
Elizaveta BobkovaIntern
Molecular Biotechnologist. M.Sc. student in Heidelberg.
Julius Fichtler
Julius FichtlerIntern
Physicist. B.Sc. student at Uni Heidelberg and DNA origami specialist.